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About Barbados

Usually referred to as the “Gem of the Caribbean Sea”, Barbados is really the “Gem of the Atlantic Ocean”. We are strategically located on the outskirts of the Caribbean Sea, and this is just one of the many attributes which makes Barbados so special. We boast endless white sandy beaches, rolling hills instead of mountain ranges and our limestone core naturally filters our drinking water making it some of the best water to consume on the planet. Ever thought of taking a tour and viewing the formation of gorgeous underground caves dated back thousands of years? If so, in Barbados you can view this natural spectacle first hand by going on a team ride with our qualified guides, who will also allow you to bear witness to our underground streams, falls and pools.

From the hard rocky North Coast where mist can be seen shooting from the blow holes in the cliff to Oistins On the South Coast where the aroma of Bajan fish being grilled and fried fills the air, to Bathsheba on the East Coast where surfers tame massive barreling breakers among the rugged tropical coastal beauty of the East Coast, where the wind rages fresh off the Atlantic ocean. Then Finally to the beautiful turquoise waters of the west coast where swimming with turtles is a pastime, along endless beach fun to have from playing beach cricket and football to riding jets ski or walking the plank on pirate ships, Barbados offers much diversification from tip to tip on the small island of 166 square miles. Divided into 11 parishes each with its own accent, there is no shortage of culture to experience while you are visiting paradise.

Having the oldest and finest rum in the world we are no strangers to having a good time. That is one of the key elements of Barbados, our people, our culture , our way, is the best way to experience the fun, love, and relaxation you seek.

Here we have some videos of places to go, how to get there, and what to do or eat when you get there. So just sit back relax and enjoy your tour of my Island.


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